About Us

Be Rebel Yet Loyal

Rebel Yet Loyal is a Montreal based clothing line with one goal in mind: To design Urban Edge Street Clothes that reflect « Attitude ». The Freedom to be you. We go beyond « Screaming look at me styles », our clothes reflect your moods and constant changing heart. We all have good days and bad days. We believe that your clothes should reflect how you feel and provide you with that little something to nothing that can mean everything in your everyday, « Confidence ».


Always be confident. This is half the battle. Badasses do what they do with complete self-assurance and zero timidity. If you can pull this off, you’ll be viewed as badass!


A true badass will wear what he or she wants regardless of current trends. The key is to master a style that enhances your confidence.

The Freedom To Be You

A real badass doesn't try to fit in with anything in any group. Try to think as little as you can about what people think of you, while holding a respectful attitude.